Vanillas can never be recovered

Posted by Nova | Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vanilla - The first thing one can remember is an ice-cream which is as white as snow. One can consider it to be an ice-cream in its purest form. A new scoop is created on adding essence. But the vanilla is lost.

In 1337 terms, a fresh installation is called as a vanilla install. No mods and no tweaks but just the Out Of Box Experience. You install some other software or mods and the installation is diluted.

Time is a finite entity which once passes cannot be fetched back. People quite often say that "Time is the best thing one can offer as it cannot be returned back."

But this ain't that simple. What's the use of time spent with someone if it is not a vanilla. It would be a vanilla if and only if one gives complete attention for the entire time spent with that someone.

The reason why I am considering the combination of Time and Attention as a vanilla because this combination is the purest as there isn't any dilution. If there is some dilution, either of time or attention is missing.

So, its time to redefine the often said quote to "Time and attention is the best on offer because this vanilla can never be recovered."