Google Chrome

Posted by Nova | Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On visiting the Google homepage, I saw the link to download "Google Chrome (BETA)" - the new web browser from Google. I gave it a test drive. It imported the setting from IE7 and I was ready for my adventure.

The page viewing area offered by Google Chrome is large - thanks to the uncluttered layout. The only two bars visible are address bar and tabs. I couldn't even live without this primary necessities of browsing. I started a download and the download was saved to my default downloading folder. The downloading status bar went right to the bottom of the window. The status bar is visible only in the tab where the downloading started. Days will tell whether this is a boon or a curse. On the right side of this status bar, there is an option that shows all the downloads. The moment I clicked on it, a tab with title downloads was opened. This tab comes with a search box. I would have loved this feature if it would have searched my complete download's directory but it didn't. It only searches the files downloaded through chrome.

I haven't tried many sites yet but I found the pages were rendered pretty quickly. The address bar searches the pages browsed previously. The New Tab shows the most visited tabs and the recently closed tabs. The New Tab comes with a search box for history. The search boxes found everywhere proves that this product is from Google. These were the first fifteen minutes experience with Chrome and I am impressed.

Yes, I am posting this through Chrome and the question in my mind is when will Chrome be out of beta!